The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is a State Owned Entity, established through in 1936, and which has had a history of state control and manipulation of news and content over many decades, which has seen the power of organisation’s output and influence on the public transform over time.

During the National Party rule since 1948, the SABC came under increasing criticism and accusations of being biased towards the then ruling party. The public broadcaster became manipulated to that of a controlled State Broadcaster which used enacted a series of propaganda and censorship strategies to keep the population selectively informed of what the ruling party wanted the public to see and hear.

Since the dawning of South Africa’s freedom and democratic structures in 1994, the SABC structures were rightly transformed to ensure news and content coverage was spread across all ethnicity and cultures on a more even basis.

However, over the past decade, just as the SABC’s control was impacted and manipulated by the ruling parties during the dark years of apartheid, so too is the organization being accused today of having lost its objectivity and of political favoritism toward the ruling party, along with a self styled censorship, selectivity of content and poor leadership.

OUTA’s opinion is that this combination of favouritism toward the current ruling party, along with the current autocratic behaviour and irrational, self styled censorship by the SABC’s current leadership, specifically that of its Chief Operating Officer (Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng), that the public now have a right to questioning and challenge the leadership and management of the SABC and its governance structures.

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