e-Tolls Media Release


We have been flooded with calls and e-mails from supporters of the public, informing us they have received an SMS notification that a summons has been issued due to their non-payment of e-Tolls.


We did visit the courts and can confirm this SMS is a legitimate notification of a summons to be delivered, contains a valid case number and originates from SANRAL.

Contributing OUTA supporters are completely protected, have nothing to fear as they fall within our e-Toll Defence Umbrella and will receive our full legal defence if summonsed. Should the Sheriff deliver the summons, please accept it without signing liability and contact us immediately – at which point we will take over all legal matters on your behalf.

Over 2,9 million people have refused to pay e-Tolls, and thousands of businesses and individuals have given us the mandate to defend them by becoming contributing supporters of OUTA.

Not a contributing supporter?

The easiest way to become a contributing supporter is by clicking on this link. OUTA supportership is open to everyone, whether you were paying e-Tolls, have a tag or if you have never paid a single e-Toll bill.

Your supportership contribution amount follows a guideline but is entirely up to you and what you can afford monthly. Furthermore, OUTA supportership extends to your nuclear family (a couple and their dependants) under a single supportership. A single business supportership includes your entire fleet.

Within our rapidly growing circle of supportership, we have one objective with our e-Toll Defence Umbrella; That not even one of our supporters be successfully prosecuted for non-payment of e-Tolls.

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