e-Tolls Media Release

SANRAL’S disaster recovery failure is alarming

It appears that following the precautions taken due to yesterday’s anthrax scare evacuation, the Electronic Tolling Collection centre has failed to successfully implement a disaster recovery procedure which one would expect from an organisation of this magnitude.

In today’s highly technical and connected industries, it is common practise to plan and develop off-site continuity processes and disaster recovery centres, to cater for unfortunate incidents of fire, damage or contamination scares of the nature experienced at their Midrand centre. SANRAL have had all the time in the world to put these contingency plans in place. It would appear the system is now compromised as a result of this oversight, one would imagine that someone has some serious questions to answer to.

Yet again, this is another example and indication of the unworkability of the system. The e-toll problems continue to mount and it would appear, the mountain of success for this most irrational and illogical decision is too high to summit.