Stand Together

Your support plays a key role in our highly effective, crowd-funded challenge against poor governance, maladministration and corruption.

It enables us to investigate, build concrete cases, communicate and to litigate consistently. In the past, those who abused their authority used taxpayers money to defend themselves, running down the budgets of those who attempted to hold them to account. NOT ON OUR WATCH! 

YOU, along with the rest of the OUTA supporter base enable us to keep up the fight and hold those who abused their authority to account.

Select one of the options below to become a contributing supporter (Please note you will be taken to a secure page, hosted by our administrative partner OKS);

By the way, Your monthly contribution amount is entirely up to you.

We understand hesitance towards a debit order, however we assure you;

  • This is a secure process, managed by our financial partners (O’Keeffe & Swartz) who are accredited by the Financial Services Board (FSB).
  • Your commitment carries no contractual agreement and you are free to amend or cancel at any time, without notice, by contacting us directly here.

Conditions of being an OUTA Contributing Supporter

  1. As a contributing supporter, I show solidarity with OUTA’s vision and mission to act on my behalf – and that of South African society as a whole – as a collective action vehicle to tackle and challenge cases of maladministration and corruption, largely within state-owned entities and the public service at all levels of Government.
  2. I acknowledge that OUTA’s efforts and actions will be left entirely to the decision-making processes of its management, executive and / or board and that on occasion their activities may involve legal protection and defence programs aimed at defending its supporters or the public at large on specific matters of decision to seek outcomes or a result in favour of society.
  3. I am aware OUTA is a non-profit organisation and I can at any time, cancel my monthly debit order or other funding method selected by me.
  4. OUTA’s E-Toll Defence Umbrella Program.

  • OUTA’s E-Toll Umbrella Defence is limited to its ability to manage the volume and costs of e-toll summonses and cases its notified of, relating to the non-payment of Gauteng Freeway e-tolls.
  • Although OUTA intends on defending each and every person in the event of e-Toll prosecution, I understand that I am not guaranteed of representation as this is only possible as regards OUTA’s capacity to do so.
  • That even as a voluntary contributing supporter to OUTA, I do not and cannot expect any direct services or benefit from OUTA.
  • OUTA is a non-profit organization which, amongst its broad range of activities to defend society against the abuse of tax-payers’ revenues, provides legal defense of e-Toll related matters for its supporters, by practicing lawyers.
  • OUTA cannot and does not guarantee the outcome of any legal matter.
  • OUTA will not be held liable for any damages suffered as a result of gross neglect or wilful behaviour of any instructed lawyer.
  • OUTA’s legal defence and/or assistance will be retracted in the event information is received indicating my involvement in any fraudulent activity regarding my e-toll account.
  • Legal representation will only be facilitated once all the documents required have been received by OUTA’s appointed case manager.


Updated – 3 November 2017