Residents and Ratepayers Association Survey

1. Our residents association is happy to participate in this survey. *

2. What is the name of your association? *

3. In which Municipality / Metro is your Association located? *

4. In which suburb is your Association located? *

5. Which ward does your association fall under? *

6. What is your role in this association? *

7.1 Your Contact Details: Email Address *

7.2 Your Contact Details: Telephone Number *

8.1 Does your Association have a web site? *

8.2 If Yes, what is the URL (web address) of your web site?

9. Does your association largely represent residents who live in an area that pays rates to their local mucipality / metro? *

10. Roughly, how many households are there in the area that your residents association represents: *

11. How many registered members does your association have? *

12. Practically speaking, do you believe your association’s membership could be larger than it currently is? *

14. Are your members expected to contribute financially to your association? *

15. If yes to the above question, do you bill your members a membership fee on an annual or monthly basis? *

16. Is your association formally constituted and a Non-Profit Company / Organisation? *

17. How many members does your Association’s working committee comprise of? *

20. Please tick off which of the following functions / roles that your association provides for its members / residents: *

21. List other functions and roles that your association fulfills for its members / residents:

22. What do you believe OUTA’s platform / assistance to residents associations should include?

23. Insert other comments you would like to make / propose to OUTA here: