As Concerned Citizens, we want to live in towns and cities that operate efficiently


The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has been approached by numerous Residents and Ratepayers Associations (RRAs) who seek guidance and support in improving their participation in Local Government affairs and holding their councillors and municipal officials to account.  RRAs also face additional challenges regarding membership, communications and promoting active citizenship.

OUTA has significant experience and expertise in civil action and interacting with Local Government.  This has given rise to the development of a platform designed to assist, enable and empower RRAs to achieve more by the sharing of best practices, and offer substantial value to and support for their members.  This at little or no cost to participating RRAs.


Your RRA has been invited to participate in a pilot exercise intended to enable OUTA to further assess the needs of RRAs and determine if there are additional areas that we should include in this programme. Accordingly, we request that you complete the survey below by 25 March 2020, after which we will consolidate your responses and make any necessary improvements to this initiative. 

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