Tito vs The People

Minister Tito Mboweni said “we will create a culture of paying” – Etolls will stay.

Why not rather consult with citizens before implementing these “User Pay” systems?

OUTA is committed to standing behind every South African issued with a Summons by Sanral. SANRAL has issued a desperate ‘FINAL WARNING’ that it plans to drag “EVERY PERSON” who hasn’t paid their e-tolls to court.

If SANRAL enters into a litigation war with 3 million people over unpaid e-tolls, they should prepare to lose. Our history has shown us that when South Africans unite, we are a force to be reckoned with.

When unjust laws are forced on the people, The People Rise.

South Africa Rise, OUTA has got your back.

You have the power to stand up and say Enough is Enough.

Support OUTA to fight this in court. SMS “Fight” to 35005 and we will phone you back, or click on one of these buttons: