TV Licence debt collectors

OUTA invites the public to provide evidence of threatening TV licence debt collection SMSs and emails received prior to 23 December 2016.

We have laid charges at the Council for Debt Collectors of South Africa against Pritchard and Associates, the debt collection firm who are collecting TV License Fees and debt on behalf of the SABC.

According to our research, Pritchard and Associates was not registered with the Council as debt collectors prior to 23 December 2016, and were operating as the SABC debt collection agency, despite registration being a legal requirement for all debt collectors.

Upon completion of an investigation currently being conducted by the Debt Council, if found guilty Pritchard & Associates may face stiff fines of up to R100 000 for every threatening SMS or email sent before the date of registration with the Council of Debt Collectors.

Whilst we have evidence of Pritchard and Associates’ questionable conduct, the Debt Council has indicated that the higher the number of complaints received, the more serious the transgression and charges against them. We call on supporters of the public who have received threatening SMS’s or emails from Pritchard & Associates prior to 23 December 2016 to please provide proof of these threats by using the form below. Your personal details will be removed from all communication and this supporting evidence will be added to our charges with the Debt Council.

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If you are unable to use the form, please send your information to with the subject line “Pritchard and Associates SMS or email”.

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