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What are you drinking?

OUTA is taking on the challenge of testing the water quality in Gauteng in all of its 29 supply systems. These systems supply drinking water to 14,7 Million people on a daily basis.

We’d like to do monthly tests and we will provide feedback and analysis on these results. OUTA will enlist water experts who will not only test the water quality but will help build legal cases to take on your local municipality to ensure your water meets Blue Drop drinking water quality standards.

A project of this magnitude requires public support.
OUTA is looking for 10,000 active citizens to say YES!

  • Yes I care about my health
  • Yes I care about the health of future generations
  • Yes I want to know what I am drinking
  • Yes I will donate R100 to ensure clean drinking water

Just R50 from 10,000 active citizens will ensure OUTA is able to test your municipalities water quality and ensure they give you safe drinking water. This will fund one full set of tests.

Ideally, we’d like to do monthly tests, which would require ongoing funding.

Every month you will receive a water quality report from our experts to give you peace of mind.

This project will run continuously while we have funding to ensure the integrity of the quality of the drinking water delivered by the water services authorities to Gauteng.