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Zuma’s cling to power is not a win for ANC

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) is disappointed that MPs within the ANC chose to put their party ahead of the nation and vote to keep Jacob Zuma as President.

“The vote to keep Zuma in power is a vote for corruption,” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA Chairman.

“It’s a vote to perpetuate the decay of our once proud and growing nation.

“The Constitutional Court rulings and evidence from several reports on state capture show that Jacob Zuma is not fit for public office. OUTA’s legal team is evaluating the way forward.”

OUTA will continue to oppose state capture and the massive corruption it enables. In recent weeks OUTA has filed charges against a number of ministers and officials in connection with state capture activity and will continue to do so.

“Now more than ever South Africans need to unite: to fight corruption,” says Duvenage.

“Our country is burning but our MPs ignore this,” says OUTA Chief Operating Officer Ben Theron.

“South Africa is at its lowest point and civil society will have to work harder to hold government accountable. We can’t give up or sit back and watch our nation’s prosperity being stolen. The poor and unemployed suffer the most in this plundering of resources.”

OUTA calls on the ANC to reconsider the situation and, as a party, recall Zuma as President within 30 days.

OUTA believes there is overwhelming evidence of state capture, that there has been no coherent defence of this evidence and that MPs were provided with copies of this evidence.

“By ignoring the evidence of state capture and corruption, the MPs associate themselves with it,” says Theron.

“The president is now living on borrowed time and is spending far too much time having to deal with his own crisis of legitimacy. Very little of Zuma’s time is directed at dealing with this country’s problems and challenges,” says Duvenage.

“His Cabinet is largely unfit for their roles and many are implicated in the state capture saga. They are morally bankrupt and cannot be trusted.”

OUTA is a proudly South African non-profit civil action organisation, crowd-funded and supported by ordinary South Africans who are passionate about improving the country by holding government accountable and ensuring that taxes are used efficiently and honestly.

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