OUTA’s Moral Courage Recognition program, is structured to give recognition for the active citizenry that resides within people who have been authentic in taking a morally courageous stand on matters of wrongful conduct, be it in the corporate or public sector workplace. We believe that recognition of moral courage is just one important element in the value chain of speaking truth to power and doing what is right.


is defined as the standards and values by which we differentiate between what is right and wrong, or what is good or bad. Morality is thus synonymous with integrity and the quest for justice. 


 is the ability to do something without fear. Courage is therefore the capability to be brave enough to stand by what you believe in, despite the negative consequences.

Moral Courage

 In OUTA's view moral courage is defined as the ability to act and do the right thing, despite the fear of adverse consequences and opposition to oneself. Moral courage requires honesty and making a tough decision to display or action of disapproval against those who transgress universal  constitutional values, rules or just societal laws.

The Objective of the OUTA’s Moral Courage Recognition Programme 

To introduce and highlight the concept of moral courage across the country.

To identify and honour persons in government, business and civil society who exemplify moral courage, despite the hardships and threats that exist to close them down.

To acknowledge individual commitment towards speaking out and in doing so, protect the rights of society at large, from the abuse of power. 

To promote the importance of being morally courageous.  

To recognize ethical conduct and promote ethical leadership.

If you know of someone who you believe deserves recognition for their morally courageous conduct, and who meets all the criteria above

OUTA’s Moral Courage Recognition program follows a formal input, vetting, approval and acknowledgement process.

Step 1: The nomination process requires that the nominator fills in the details required in the nomination form here. Which will enable the OUTA Moral Courage Recognition evaluation process to come to a conclusion on the awarding of the certificate. Ask yourself if your nominee meets the criteria by answering the below questions.

- What happened or what was wrong that the nominee sought to address?

- What did the nominee do and therein expressed the qualities of moral courage?

- What transpired due to the moral courage action taken? 

Step 2: The pre-evaluation by the MCR administrator to evaluate the input provided may lead to more questions for the nominator. 

Step 3: The OUTA evaluation committee will analyse, assess and approve/decline the nomination.

In the event that the nomination has been approved, the recipient will receive communication via email or telephone about their recognition and be awarded an OUTA Moral Courage Certificate signed by the CEO of OUTA, subject to terms and conditions. If the nomination is not approved the nominator will receive communication accordingly.

Getting recognition holds immense significance. Although acknowledgment might not directly alter one's circumstances, we firmly believe it carries substantial weight in the lives of brave individuals. These exceptional souls exhibit unwavering dedication in championing social justice and confronting misconduct. Their resilience in taking a stance, even in the face of opposition and undeserved backlash, is truly remarkable. This is why OUTA runs the Moral Courage Programme.

The OUTA Moral Courage Recognition Program recognises people who have taken a morally courageous stand against corruption, maladministration and/or the abuse of power.