A prosperous country, free from the abuse of authority and governed with the effecient use of tax revenue.

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The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) is a proudly South African non-profit Civil Action Organisation, comprising of and supported by people who are passionate about improving the prosperity of our nation.

Active projects

OUTA’s e-Toll Campaign

OUTA’s first campaign was the Gauteng e-Toll saga.

In 2012 OUTA embarked on a wide reaching campaign to expose the irrationality, inefficiency and unlawfulness of the e-Toll scheme. We did this through a concerted campaign of litigation and empowering the public with facts and knowledge of this unjust scheme. It has been a long journey but the public are winning and the scheme is virtually defunct.

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Unbundling Eskom

OUTA believes that a separation of control over the two arms of electricity generation and transmission will break Eskom’s stranglehold over the grid (transmission), thereby ensuring that open competition for energy generation at the lowest cost of production will reach the consumer, assuming political meddling is minimized which in itself may be a separate challenge. In short, this challenge is to reduce the costs of energy to the consumer.

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OUTA’s Eskom Campaign

Challenging Eskom to become an efficient organisation.

Between 2007 and 2014, Eskom’s revenue increased from R39bn per annum to R137bn. Yet their Electricity supply to the nation remained relatively unchanged at 218 GigaWatt Hours (GwH) per annum, over the same period. There are far too many unanswered questions surrounding the performance, efficiency, supplier contracts and other matters relating to this SOE.  As a result, the costs to society have become exorbitant and unacceptable. OUTA’s quest is to seek transparency and accountability on all matters pertinent to Eskom, which is a public right. Accordingly, we will challenge the escalating costs and performance, to ensure improved long term service provision to the people of South Africa. We trust that Eskom’s Board and Management agree with us in this regard and will cooperate, engage and participate with us on this journey.

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OUTA’s SAA Campaign

To ensure that SAA is a professionally managed and profitable airline, which has no reliance on taxpayer bail-outs.

Over the past few years, SAA has been plagued with poor leadership and questionable financial management practices.  The continued loss of talent and need for taxpayer funded bail-outs has become untennable and an unacceptable burden to society.  OUTA’s focus on the SAA debacle is to seek total transparency and accountability of the airline’ s board and leadership.

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OUTA’s SABC Campaign

To ensure that SABC is a professionally managed and profitable public broadcaster, and fulfills a mandate of unbiased, free and fair journalism, news and information.

Over the past few years, SABC has been plagued with poor leadership and questionable financial management practices.  The continued loss of talent and revenue has become untennable and an unacceptable burden to society.  In addition, recent autocratic leadership-imposed censorship and questionable bias of information has given rise to many questions about the role, service and purpose of this SOE. Has our public broadcaster become a state broadcaster?

OUTA’s role is to question and challenge the leadership and governance structures at the SABC, ensuring transparency and accountability to the public.

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OUTA’s Carbon Tax Campaign

Will Treasury’s Carbon Tax be effective in it’s intended purpose or is this just another revenue stream for government?

OUTA is questioning whether the Carbon Tax will achieve its intent and purpose of reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by way of taxation (a stick approach) thereby forcing business behavior change. It is OUTA’s opinion that this tax is nothing more than an additional revenue stream for Treasury which is complicated, costly and inefficient. It will not necessarily have the desired impact of reducing GHG emissions as intended. OUTA urges all big business and their respective industries to assess the impact of the Carbon Tax, as we believe it will be yet another regressive tax on society.

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The Nuclear Deal

Government’s irrational New Nuclear Build plan will be an economic catastrophe

OUTA’s investigations into government’s new nuclear build program, has revealed that not only will this plan be an unaffordable economic catastrophe for South Africa, but the planned 9,6GW from nuclear is not necessary. Furthermore, the manner in which government is forcing this decision upon its citizens is extremely dubious and raises questions around government’s logic and reasoning.

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Over time, the South African Government has introduced a number of taxes, levies and fees, which have fallen short of their intended purpose, be it due to: poor policy, ineffective regulatory environment, or unacceptable conduct (maladministration or corruption).

Our work therefore revolves around:

  • Questioning and challenging taxation policy and / or the regulatory environment, when these are deemed irrational, unfit or ineffective for their intended purpose.
  • Questioning, challenging and attacking the squandering, maladministration and corrupt use of taxes, through a clear and effective methodology, and to hold those responsible to account.

OUR MISSION (How we do this):

Ensuring accountability for equitable and efficient tax policy and use of tax revenue, thereby facilitating positive change and advancing the South African Constitution, through the building of a vehicle that is adept at:

  • Destroying the mechanisms of maladministration and corruption within the structures of authority, using all avenues available and through a clear process, to hold those responsible to account.
  • Challenging taxation and other policy and / or regulatory environment when these are irrational, ineffective or used as instruments for abuse of taxes and / or authority.

We are apolitical and rely on funding from the public, business and other donor institutions, to do our work of investigation, research, communication, empowerment and litigation.

The OUTA methodology


Tax Policy

OUTA’s work in the area of tax policy evaluation seeks to ensure that rational and meaningful introduction of taxes takes place and that society does not become overburdened or negatively affected. Get more


Tax Regulation

OUTA believes it is important that when introducing new or managing existing taxes, the regulatory environment is both efficient and is effectively applied. Get more



Conduct is the most active area of OUTA’s work, being that of addressing the maladministration, waste and corrupt use of state revenues and expenditure through a thorough 5 step process. Get more

Step 1: Investigate

Step 2: Engage

Step 3: Expose

Step 4: Mobilise

Step 5: Litigate

Knowledge Centre

What does it mean to be a member of OUTA?

As a contributing member of OUTA, your support helps fight corruption, tax abuse and irrational tax policies set out by Government and their State Owned Entities (SOE’s).

By becoming a member or a Donor of OUTA, you become an active citizen, part of the movement that conducts research, investigations, communication and litigation when and where the board believes it is necessary to do so.

We function on an honour-based system whereby financial contributions to the cause are made solely at the discretion of each member and to the value they believe they can afford ie. the donation value is theirs to decide. Each membership is kept confidential.

Members will receive interesting news and articles from the organisation. Members will also be invited to participate in decisions, gazette inputs and other aspects pertinent to being an active citizen.