Active projects

Active projects

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OUTA welcomes the acknowledgment by Gauteng Premier David Makhura in his State of the Province Address today that e-tolls have failed and have added to the cost of living for many motorists and public transport users.


OUTA released compelling case document which we have compiled in an effort to convince Parliament and other organs of state, including the Constitutional Court if need be, to have Jacob Zuma removed as the President of South Africa.

E-toll debt collection

A summary of what to do about the e-toll debt collection

SANRAL e-Tolls

In 2012 we embarked on a wide-reaching and on-going campaign exposing the irrationality, inefficiency, and unlawfulness of e-Tolls.

SANRAL road construction costs

A freeway upgrade overpriced by R10bn, justified the decision to introduce e-Tolls and has paved the way for the capture of another State Owned Entity.

SAA Campaign

Over the past few years, SAA has been plagued by poor leadership and questionable financial management. The continued loss of talent and need for taxpayer-funded bailouts has become an unacceptable burden to society.

SAA Dudu Myeni delinquent director claim

During Ms Myeni’s tenure as Chairperson, SAA has lost an estimated R10.5 billion over a period of 5 years, despite that fact that SAA was profitable between 2010 and 2012.

Eskom 2018 19.9% Tariff Increase – Have Your Say!

OUTA says no to Eskom’s 19.9% increase

The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) sets the electricity prices.

What Eskom wants

Eskom has applied for a 7% increase in revenue from customers which means an average price increase of 19.9% as electricity sales are dropping and revenue is down. As this is an average increase, some tariffs will go up more than others, including the 27.5% increase that Eskom wants to charge municipalities. The average price of electricity is 89.13c/kWh so Eskom wants that to increase to 106.87c/kWh.

OUTA says 0%

OUTA believes Eskom cannot justify such a huge price increase during a time of ongoing revelations of corruption, maladministration and inefficiency at Eskom. Clean up Eskom first, then go back to NERSA to set a realistic price.

Ben Ngubane Criminal Charges

Dr Ben Ngubane resigned from the Eskom board on 12 June 2017. He’s been a supporter of the Eskom board since December 2014 and chair since October 2015. He’s presided over Eskom’s attempt to take on the unaffordable nuclear build, and then the unforgettable debacle with Brian Molefe as Eskom boss.

Unbundling Eskom

Separation of Eskom’s control on both electricity generation and transmission will break their stranglehold over the grid. This will allow open competition for energy generation at the lowest cost of production, to reach the consumer. In short, this challenge is to reduce the costs of energy to the consumer.

The Nuclear Deal

Our investigation into government’s new nuclear build program has revealed this to be economically unaffordable and an unnecessary catastrophe for South Africa. Furthermore, the manner in which government is forcing the program is highly questionable.

Cape Town Drought Levy

OUTA is fully aware of the dire situation that the city and surrounding areas of Cape Town finds itself, in dealing with the water shortage crisis. By no means is OUTA’s involvement in the City of Cape Town’s plans to apply a Drought Charge, intended to obstruct the need to address the water crisis and as such, we implore all urgent and legal mechanisms are ventilated to ensure the city does not run dry.

Dept. of Water and Sanitation

Poor governance within the Department of Water and Sanitation is a great cause for concern. For some time now, we have been receiving information from whistleblowers on mismanagement and corruption within the water sector.

SABC Campaign

SABC is plagued by poor leadership and questionable financial management practices. The continued loss of talent and revenue has become an unacceptable burden to society. Recent autocratic leadership-imposed censorship and questionable bias of information have given rise to questions about the role, service and purpose of this SOE. Has our public broadcaster become a state broadcaster?

Carbon Tax Campaign

We are questioning whether Carbon Tax will achieve the intended purpose of reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by way of taxation (a stick approach) thereby forcing business behavior change. Or is it simply another revenue stream for the government?


OUTA has identified an opportunity to change the law and prevent all Public Participation Processes taking place between 15 December and 15 January.


To be a trusted vehicle for positive change, promoting and advancing the South African Constitution and other democratic processes by:

Challenging the taxation policy and the regulatory environment (as a whole or part), as and when deemed as being irrational, unfit or ineffective for their intended purpose

Questioning and challenging the squandering, maladministration and corrupt use of taxes, using our clear and effective methodology,

and then to hold those responsible for the maladministration and / or corruption, to account for their behaviour and actions.

We are apolitical and rely on funding from the public, business and other donor institutions, to do our work of investigation, research, communication, empowerment and litigation.


We are not your enemy. Please don’t treat your critics with disdain. Try instead to walk with us and your people. We simply desire to live in a corrupt free and efficiently managed country.