OUTA VS SANRAL: The Gauteng e-tolls


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Challenging the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project e-tolls

The Gauteng Freeway Improvement System (GFIP) gantries have been recording e-toll bills against motorists since 3 December 2013. Ever since then, SANRAL has been involved in a war of attrition against motorists who refuse to pay e-tolls.

OUTA was in 2012 to oppose the e-toll system, starting with legal action to overturn the system. Although OUTA's mandate has since expanded to oppose government corruption, OUTA is still involved in a long-running legal battle over the constitutionality of e-tolls. By late 2021, this matter is still waiting to go to court, but SANRAL has stopped pursuing motorists for unpaid e-toll debt and a Cabinet decision on the future of e-tolls is still awaited.

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The ongoing legal challenge and the E-Toll Defence Umbrella

OUTA contributing supporters who wish to challenge e-toll summonses from SANRAL may join the E-Toll Defence Umbrella.

Accessing the E-Toll Defence Umbrella

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