In a bold commitment to global road safety, South Africa has pledged its support to the United Nations Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030. But the harsh reality is that our country faces a grave crisis with alarming numbers of road deaths and injuries. The implications for our society, economy, and health are dire, and urgent action is needed. OUTA recently published an advocacy brief with solutions that can turn the tide. 

At OUTA, we firmly believe that our government bears the responsibility of prioritizing the goals and targets set forth in the National Road Safety Strategy. It's high time for a transformative strategy that instils behavioural change, enhances road user awareness, and fosters a shared responsibility for road safety. 

We want to see government take decisive action by: 

- Designing a reliable framework for regular collection and reporting of road traffic crash data;

- Developing a database that includes casualty figures, data on mobility, crashes, behaviours, attitudes, and enforcement to facilitate the interpretation of road safety trends;

- Establishing an adequately funded lead agency to tackle road safety issues;

- Increasing visibility of policing to address road safety concerns;

- Developing a national strategy with measurable targets to reduce road fatalities and serious injuries;

- Holding individuals in positions of authority accountable when these targets are not met;

- Collaborating with credible stakeholders in the transport sector and civil society organisations to discover innovative solutions to road safety challenges; 

- Moving beyond sole reliance on planned amendments to AARTO as a solution to road safety concerns; 

- Conducting widespread public education campaigns to underscore the significance of adhering to traffic rules and the importance of robust enforcement.

To delve deeper into this crucial matter, we invite you to read our press release at here.

Additionally, OUTA's thought-provoking advocacy brief, "Road Safety as a South African Concern," can be accessed here.