Property owners in the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) should by now be aware of the amended values attributed to their properties by the City’s General Valuation Roll 2023. The City has indicated that around 42 000 property owners objected to the new value of their properties. OUTA has previously pointed out CoJ’s lack of proper communication on the valuation and objection process.  But what are the next steps in this property valuations process, and what are your options as a property owner? 

 Joburg residents will agree that service delivery in our city has declined significantly. While CoJ property tariff charges have increased at inflation levels, rate increases are significantly above inflation and the increase in property value. Being squeezed for more taxes by a metro that seemingly cares little for its residents, doesn’t sit well with most of us. Fortunately, there is still something you can do about this. 

If you missed the May deadline for objections to your new property valuations, you will be glad to hear that there is an additional process applicable to property owners, which is covered in Section 78 of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act 6 of 2004, which is explained by Schindlers Attorneys here. The forms to raise these objections are here for residential properties and for businesses and schools.

If you have lodged an objection to the value of your property but it has not been adjusted to a reasonable value within a few months of the new municipal financial year that started in July 2023, you have a limited period in which to file an appeal to the City’s Valuations Appeal Board. The appeal process is on the CoJ’s eServices web site. The form used to lodge an appeal after having no response to the formal objection process can be found here for residential properties.

OUTA has launched a petition to support its message to the CoJ that excessive property values being applied to increase taxes on residents is unacceptable. OUTA and concerned property owners in Johannesburg are uniting to formally request the City of Johannesburg to take immediate action by limiting all increases to a maximum of 9%, until the objection, appeal and section 78 request processes are fairly concluded. Please add your voice to ours!