Aurora and the Grootvlei Gold Mine Pollution

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Since February 2017, OUTA has lobbied for the directors of Aurora Empowerment Systems to be prosecuted for the environmental damage caused while Aurora owned Grootvlei gold mine near Springs 

We want to see the Aurora directors prosecuted for environmental damage 

Aurora Empowerment Systems ran the Grootvlei gold mine near Springs from October 2009 to May 2011. When they took over, it was a working mine. When they left, the mine had collapsed, 5 300 employees had lost their jobs, the equipment had been looted, there was uncontrolled pollution of the nearby water systems which the mine drained into. Nobody has been prosecuted in connection with any of this. OUTA pressured the state to pursue environmental charges, as it's easier to bring a private prosecution on this if the state declines to prosecute. However, OUTA would like to see the Aurora directors held to account for the collapse of the business and the way the employees were treated.

Aurora took over Grootvlei as a working gold mine but left it derelict, leaving thousands jobless and ongoing pollution of water sources 

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