Defend Our Democracy

OUTA supports the joint Defend Our Democracy campaign: it's crucial for South Africa

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18/03/2021 17:03:17

Defend Our Democracy

OUTA is one of the signatories to the Defend Our Democracy campaign.

This is a broad grouping of organisations and individuals who are concerned that South Africa's Constitution faces a serious threat.

"For more than a decade, parliamentary and political accountability, particularly under the governing party, have been seriously undermined," says the joint statement.

Former President Jacob Zuma has defied a Constitutional Court order instructing him to continue providing witness testimony at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture and has attacked the Concourt and the judiciary. "This astonishing defiance by a former Head of State not only violates the law but assails the Constitution itself," says the group.

"The threat to our constitutional democracy goes beyond that posed by an individual. It illustrates how that individual embodies a political culture fundamentally antithetical to democracy: the cult of personality, rule by factional dictate, nepotism, and totalitarianism in a securitised state."

We stand united to defend our democracy and call on all people to defend the abiding values enshrined in the Constitution.

OUTA CEO Wayne Duvenage explains why this campaign is important, to defend South Africa's democracy against those involved in state capture and looting. WATCH here.

Read the joint statement here: Defend Our Democracy

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