Rushing bills through Parliament limits legitimacy

October 2023 — 1210 views

Judgment on National Nuclear Regulator underlines role of board: nuclear regulation, not nuclear advocacy

January 2023 — 1408 views

Koeberg delays illustrate ineptitude on big infrastructure projects

March 2022 — 1863 views

National Nuclear Regulator board removes civil society representative before taking key decision on Koeberg extension

January 2022 — 2630 views

South Africa’s nuclear legacy shows the need for a strong regulator and transparency

September 2021 — 2430 views

No New Nuclear: OUTA opposes Thyspunt nuclear site licence

August 2021 — 2351 views

Don't feed us seaweed, Eskom

March 2020 — 11865 views

Nearly-missed opportunity for public to comment on stealth nuclear gazette

August 2016 — 1539 views


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