Driver's Licence Card Renewals


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Driver's licence card renewals 

Lockdowns, faulty equipment, and poor administrative practices have given rise to hundreds of thousands of motorists having to drive with expired licence cards. The Minister of TransportFikile Mbalula has on several occasions extended the grace period validity of expired driver’s licence cards, to overcome the backlog, with no further extension beyond 5 May 2022. We believe hundreds of thousands of motorists will not have their licences renewed on time and according to the minister, fines will be applied to motorists with expired licence cards, who are stopped by law enforcement authorities, however, that law enforcement will assist motorists who can demonstrate they have experienced real challenges in renewing their licence cards.

OUTA compiled the following guide to assist motorists who have been unable to renew their driver’s licence cards, and as a result are facing fines for driving with an expired driving licence card.  Download it here    


SANRAL's irregular & wasteful expenditure amounted to R10bn in 2017.

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