AARTO: Valid and constitutional, but still impractical

July 2023 — 2608 views

For the fourth time, OUTA tells Parliament the electoral bill isn’t good enough

February 2023 — 1209 views

Court had no other option but to grant another extension on electoral bill

January 2023 — 1040 views

Concourt hears OUTA’s case on AARTO

November 2022 — 1525 views

Confused about the controversial electoral reform process? Read OUTA’s new report

November 2022 — 1479 views

OUTA and other civil society organisations call on NCOP to improve the flawed electoral reform bill

November 2022 — 1050 views

The Concourt will hear OUTA’s case against AARTO on 15 November

November 2022 — 1984 views

MPs' decision to pass Electoral Amendment Bill a blow to public faith in Parliament

October 2022 — 1718 views

AARTO: One unconstitutional law, three legal actions in the Concourt

April 2022 — 3930 views

Minister Mbalula clings to unconstitutional and irrational AARTO

January 2022 — 2206 views

We object: Advocate Mkhwebane and Judge Hlophe are not Chief Justice material

October 2021 — 2444 views

Condemn and arrest criminal protestors

July 2021 — 3224 views

Zuma's incarceration strengthens accountability

July 2021 — 2267 views

Concourt stands up against impunity

June 2021 — 5476 views

Electoral Reform: it simply cannot be buried this time

June 2021 — 2254 views

OUTA asks Parliament to get on with electoral reform

October 2020 — 2293 views

OUTA approaches Concourt on electoral reform

August 2019 — 2907 views


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