Call to uphold the integrity of the elections

May 2024 — 136 views

Concern over new electoral reform ministerial panel

May 2024 — 100 views

Support for Concourt, irrespective of outcome

May 2024 — 1331 views

Civil society asks Parliament to reject the Electoral Matters Amendment Bill

March 2024 — 893 views

Where is the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel?

November 2023 — 862 views

OUTA to partner with PMG and OpenUp in Enhancing Accountability Programme

October 2023 — 1641 views

Holding ministers to account is hard work: here are some tools

October 2023 — 1359 views

Fund the IEC properly rather than political parties

June 2023 — 1620 views

Stronger law on political party funding needed

May 2023 — 1299 views

Electoral Amendment Act now law, but OUTA still concerned about constitutionality

April 2023 — 1781 views

Electoral reform bill: Will the President sign it?

February 2023 — 1269 views

For the fourth time, OUTA tells Parliament the electoral bill isn’t good enough

February 2023 — 1208 views

Court had no other option but to grant another extension on electoral bill

January 2023 — 1040 views

Confused about the controversial electoral reform process? Read OUTA’s new report

November 2022 — 1479 views

OUTA and other civil society organisations call on NCOP to improve the flawed electoral reform bill

November 2022 — 1050 views

MPs' decision to pass Electoral Amendment Bill a blow to public faith in Parliament

October 2022 — 1718 views

Electoral reform bill needs complete rewrite

September 2022 — 1162 views

60 days to Concourt's deadline: Public consultation on Electoral Amendment Bill wasn't good enough, civil society tells Parliament

April 2022 — 1602 views

Parliament fails again, putting party ahead of country in electoral reform bill

March 2022 — 1980 views

Electoral Reform: it simply cannot be buried this time

June 2021 — 2254 views


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