IRP 2023: Tear this up, start again and do it properly

March 2024 — 1525 views

IRP2018 lighting the way for renewable energy

August 2018 — 1813 views

Where is the revised IRP?

June 2018 — 1751 views

OUTA asks Minister Mahlobo to explain secretive Energy Indaba

November 2017 — 1622 views

OUTA welcomes ruling to halt nuclear deal

April 2017 — 1569 views

The nuclear judgment clarified, a telling blow to Government

April 2017 — 2041 views

OUTA seeks extension on comment period for critical energy gazette

January 2017 — 1648 views

Nuclear energy will not emerge - following IRP2016 input

December 2016 — 1580 views

OUTA objects to flawed energy IRP public engagement process

December 2016 — 1605 views

OUTA to fight for rational energy plan

November 2016 — 1708 views

OUTA demands Government halt nuclear energy program until IRP process complete

November 2016 — 1638 views

No nuclear until wide consultation on IRP

October 2016 — 1647 views


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