OUTA calls for transparency on City of Joburg property valuations

August 2023 — 2792 views

Joburg property owners urged to support OUTA’s call to limit property rates for now

August 2023 — 1851 views

Property rates shock on your CoJ bill?

July 2023 — 3737 views

OUTA calls on CoJ to freeze contested property valuations increases

June 2023 — 2456 views

Manipulating municipal boundaries: The future of holding onto political power?

June 2023 — 2732 views

CoJ budget ambitions require high levels of accountability and transparency, says OUTA

June 2023 — 1434 views

Time is running out for COJ property owners: Check your new property valuation before 5 May

May 2023 — 1405 views

CoJ extends objection deadline on property rates from 31 March to 5 May

March 2023 — 2490 views

Brace yourself for a potential property tax shock: How to avoid overpaying municipal rates

March 2023 — 6441 views

City of Cape Town don’t overpay on property rates: check before deadline

March 2023 — 1756 views

Don’t overpay on property rates: check before deadline

February 2023 — 1754 views

Joburg property valuation public participation process starts in February 2023

November 2022 — 1567 views


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