OUTA investigates three more SETAs

OUTA has received new evidence implicating three additional SETAs in corruption and wasteful expenditure.

OUTA has been inundated with additional claims of corruption at the (Sector Education and Training Authorities) SETAs since its exposé on the Services SETA last week. It appears that SETAs are NOT preparing our youth for employment, but rather robbing them of the opportunity to participate in our economy meaningfully.

The Construction SETA (CETA), the Education, Training and Development Practice SETA (ETDP), as well as the Media, Information Communication and Technology SETA (MICT) are now on OUTA’s radar and we are seeking further information from the public on corruption, maladministration and/or wasteful expenditure within these entities.

OUTA’s growing evidence on the Services SETA includes irregular payments made to one company in less than 48 hours for questionable purchases. These were for purchases of 20 000 exam pads at R214 each, 30 000 lanyards at R166 per lanyard, and 30 000 USBs at R167 per item.

OUTA has received new evidence implicating the above-mentioned additional three SETAs in similar allegations of wasteful expenditure.

“We are deeply disturbed by the allegations and the evidence we are being presented with. We are shocked by the depth and span of the corruption and how it has been woven into the system, so much so that it seems systems within SETAs were designed with the intention of pilfering. It appears that the SETAs are a cash cow that is exploiting South Africa’s youth, preying on their desperation for employment, and they are using our taxes to do this,” says Dominique Msibi, OUTA’s Portfolio Manager for Special Projects.

“We will be raising this infiltration of corruption within the industry with the Ministry of Higher Education who have requested an urgent meeting with OUTA since the release of our public statement. We will also be meeting with the CEO of SAQA to explore these transgressions.”

The SETAs are a critical cog in this wheel of economic inclusion, particularly for those who cannot afford expensive university fees. To address our high levels of poverty and create an employable workforce OUTA stresses that quality education from foundation phase all the way to post-matric qualification is imperative.

OUTA is intent on investigating each case and requests individuals with information to come forward. We are appealing to all interested parties as well as students to provide us with their testimony or evidence. All information and evidence can be passed to us anonymously through our secure whistleblower portal at www.outa.co.za

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