Driver's licence card extension

Driver's licence card extension

Since 2020, OUTA has been calling for improvements in the chaotic driver’s licence card renewal process.

Due to the inefficiencies in the system for renewal of driving licence cards (such as printing machine failure, incapacity of driving licence training centres and corrupt officials), OUTA calls for the validity of driver's licence cards to be extended from five years to 10 years.

The government blamed Covid-19 for the backlog in processing licence card renewals, but OUTA believes this only aggravated an already problematic situation.

OUTA believes that driving licences are essential tools for South Africans and should be available through a fair, legally appropriate and well-managed system. Instead, South Africa has a system rotten with corruption and failed administration, coupled with an unacceptable poor record of road safety. This is a national crisis but the Minister of Transport has failed to address it.

The problems

These are the key problems OUTA wants resolved:

1.      The extension of the validity of the licence cards from five years to 10 years, to improve efficiency and reduce costs for motorists;

2.      The procurement and use of a new card production machine to replace the one that breaks down; and

3.      A clear plan to the widespread corruption and waste in the Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) system and transport entities.


OUTA meeting with Transport Minister 

On 10 March 2022, OUTA met with Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula about the driver's licence problem. OUTA gave the Minister a copy of our position paper motivating for extending the validity period of driver's licence cards to 10 years and a presentation on our call.

OUTA's position paper is here and our presentation to the Minister is here.  

SANRAL's irregular & wasteful expenditure amounted to R10bn in 2017.

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