Condemn and arrest criminal protestors

Countering this violence needs a united effort by authorities

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12/07/2021 09:33:16

Condemn and arrest criminal protestors 

OUTA calls on the government to act swiftly and use whatever enforcement processes are available to control and bring to book those criminals who are protesting violently on the back of Jacob Zuma’s incarceration.

Peaceful protests are a democratic right, however, violent protests are not and should be firmly countered and addressed by the state.

Our democracy has suffered a substantial absence of the rule of law for too long, which became embedded during the years of President Jacob Zuma’s administration. It is important that we work hard to restore the rule of law and protect the constitutional rights sought by the law-abiding majority of South Africans, to re-build our nation and tackle the challenges that collectively face us.

“The country should not be held to ransom by anyone who believes that anarchy and destruction of property is the right way to counter decisions taken by our Constitutional Court,” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA’s CEO.

Such violent protests are further fuelled by anger over poor service delivery and the ongoing failure of government at all levels to recognise and address peaceful protests. A dismissive attitude by government at any level encourages such conflicts, and vigilantism thrives in such conditions. This is no way to run a country or attract investors, create jobs and build a nation’s prosperity.

OUTA calls on politicians to show leadership to quell the current unruly conduct and never to succumb to these criminal forces, failing which we will become a nation that resolves its conflicts in favour of those who are the most destructive.

As a more long-term solution, the authorities should make far greater efforts to work with communities to address the genuine grievances that feed such anger, whilst at the same time capacitating positions of leadership within all levels of government with people who are suitably qualified and experienced for their respective roles.

OUTA also calls on all South Africans to collectively condemn the current destructive forces that risk lives and livelihoods, and for those in authority to use every avenue available to bring this serious misconduct and lawlessness under control.


A soundclip with comment by Wayne Duvenage is here.

Picture: Peoples Dispatch Creative Commons