Hammanskraal water is still not fit to drink

Hammanskraal water has improved over the last six months but does not yet meet safe consumption standards, says OUTA.

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28/11/2019 11:33:21

Hammanskraal water is still not fit to drink

Recent water tests by Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) show that the water provided to Hammanskraal by the City of Tshwane is still not safe to drink.

“It is very important to protect residents from harm and to provide communities with accurate information, especially when it comes to life-essential elements such as drinking water,” says Soretha Venter, Legal Project Manager at OUTA. “According to our latest results, the water is not yet fit for consumption.”

OUTA is concerned that there have been reports that the water is now safe, as we believe this is misleading.

The nine reports which OUTA has obtained over the last six months indicate water quality fluctuations but the reports show the water has not been fit for consumption since we became involved in Hammanskraal’s water issues in June this year.

“Our most recent sample report, dated 18 November 2019, indicated that there is no E.coli in the water, however, there were high traces of ammonia, acid soluble manganese, turbidity, total organic carbon (which is not aesthetically pleasing) and monochloramine (which poses chronic health risks to the residents),” says Venter.

OUTA has conducted water sample tests every two weeks on the Hammanskraal water through an independent SANAS-accredited laboratory. This information helps government and the community forums to monitor the quality of the water. This information will be used in the legal action, initiated by the Fair and Equitable Society (FES), against the City of Tshwane, to force the metro to provide access to clean and safe drinking water thus ensuring the protection of one of the most basic rights of the residents of Hammanskraal.

OUTA will continue to support the Hammanskraal community until this problem is solved.

OUTA’s Hammanskraal water report of 18 November is here.
A statement from the Hammanskraal Residents Forum is here.
The FES’s legal letter to the City of Tshwane is here.

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