Dirty water in Savanna City?

April 2024 — 960 views

SIU must be ruthless with water board investigations

August 2022 — 1393 views

Citizen science: Building people’s power from below to protect our water

June 2022 — 1532 views

Municipalities risk lives with sub-standard water

April 2022 — 1774 views

It’s your job to act against Cape Town, OUTA tells Western Cape Green Scorpions

April 2022 — 2135 views

Cape Town water quality data should be publicly and easily available

November 2021 — 3466 views

Independent Water Regulator promised for 2022/23

August 2021 — 4386 views

Enough is enough on Milnerton pollution

July 2021 — 2820 views

Parliament shows support for Independent Water Regulator

June 2021 — 2543 views

OUTA calls on City of Cape Town to be transparent with civil society

June 2021 — 2775 views

Charge and jail municipal and national officials for Vaal pollution

February 2021 — 4942 views

One step closer to accountability

January 2021 — 3289 views

OUTA asks NPA what happened to Aurora case

February 2020 — 6746 views

OUTA to hold Mother City accountable for pollution

February 2020 — 6070 views

Independent Water Regulator could resolve fundamental problems in water sector

January 2020 — 2173 views


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