A massive loss for transparency: Court rules OUTA not entitled to financial information on N3TC toll concession

November 2023 — 2102 views

OUTA wins court order against Sanral in ongoing quest for toll transparency

February 2023 — 1630 views

Parliament’s secrecy hinders gender commission appointments

September 2022 — 1131 views

OUTA joins 44 organisations calling for improved public participation in Gender Equality Commission appointments

September 2022 — 1095 views

OUTA asks high court to give SANRAL CEO 10 days to hand over court-ordered information on the N4 toll contract or face a jail sentence

January 2022 — 4635 views

Court orders SANRAL to give OUTA the N4 toll road operator’s contract and financial records

November 2021 — 11112 views

High Court emphasises importance of transparency and orders Services SETA to hand over hidden information to OUTA

November 2021 — 3257 views

OUTA takes SANRAL to court over national toll concessions

May 2021 — 4829 views

Opinion - Transparency tussle: Sanral secrecy indicates roads agency has something to hide

May 2021 — 3176 views

Sanral raises more confusion than clarity on e-tolls

September 2020 — 4625 views

Eskom sheds a little light on operational performance

September 2020 — 3457 views


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