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CoJ 2023 General Valuations Roll – what you now need to know now. 

If you are a property owner in the City of Johannesburg you are more than likely aware that your property has been revalued as per the 2023 General Valuation Roll.

And, unless you are satisfied with the new valuation or the adjustment following your objection, you fall into one of three camps namely;

1. You have lodged an objection and it has not been adjusted to the reasonable value of your property and you only have 30 days to appeal;

2. You have objected but have not received and feedback on the objection yet; and

3. You missed the objection deadline date on 5 May 2023 and don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, depending on which camp you sit in, we have obtained some excellent resource material to help you make better decisions from this point onwards.

Why the general valuation roll matters. 

Property valuations have a direct impact on the rate of local inflation for goods and services as well as financial well-being of every household.

Too, and this is not only the case in CoJ, the municipal valuations are often inflated way above the actual market value. This means, that if left uncontested, the cost of everything will rise well above the consumer price inflation (CPI) yearly average and everyone will be that much poorer.

In August we asked all city property owners to support OUTA’s call to support our petition asking the mayor and city manager to limit property valuations increases to a maximum of 9%. We had 11 914 people sign the petition and we are currently engaging with the City on the matter.

Basically the petition calls for the following:

Limit all property valuation increases to a maximum of 9%, until the objection, appeal and section 78 request processes have been fairly concluded;
Adjust the 2% property rates tariff increase to -2,5% to ensure the City does not receive an overall income exceeding CPI; and
Increase the property value rebate on the first R300 000 (was R350 000) to R380 000.

Therefore, it is imperative that you, as a property owner, fully understand your rights throughout this process. Below you will find some helpful tips courtesy of Schindler’s Attorneys. The Johannesburg-based law firm has specialists in local government matters. 

You can also watch a discussion between OUTA and Schindler’s on this.

1. Why is COJ still charging me inflated rates when I lodged an objection?  

Regardless of whether you have lodged an objection to your new valuation or not, the new ratable amount would have become payable from 1 July 2023. We are currently looking at mediums to bring relief in parallel to our call to the City through the petition.

Once the objection process is finalized you will receive a notice from the Municipality and if there is a change in the valuation/categorisation, the City will backdate these changes to 1 July 2023 and adjust your invoice charges retrospectively. 

Time plays a very important role here and its important that you are aware of the process. 

Here is a brief timeline of events:

15 February 2023 - The GV Roll was opened for public objections.
5 May 2023 – The public objection period was closed. 
If you have objected you will need to wait 6 -18 months for the outcome to your objection. 
Once an objection is reached, you have to lodge an appeal within 30 days of being served notice of the decision. If the value of your property went up or down by 10% you need to lodge an appeal, even if you are happy with the outcome (called a confirmation appeal). This will prevent further complications down the line which includes you being excluded from the decision making process when your matter undergoes automatic review by the Valuations Appeal Board. 
Wait 12-24 months for an appeal hearing date. 

Below you will find the appeal forms as found on the City’s website. 

3. Farm

In case the links change due to the forms being updated or any other administrative task, you can also find the forms listed on the e-Services CoJ website. The forms are located towards the base of the web page. 

Forms need to be submitted electronically at OR physically at Valuations Administration Department, 66 Jorissen Street, Jorissen Place, 1st Floor East Wing.

While in the past, objectors were able to not pay the objected portion of their bill, Schindler’s Attorneys has been advised that this is no longer allowed and the CoJ will expect the full payment on items invoiced. 

For a more detailed information on this topic, click here

You can also get in touch with specialists to assist you with this process such as Rates Watch, professional valuers or attorneys. 

2. I missed the 5 May 2023 objection deadline. What now? 

It often happens that property owners miss the deadline for objection due to incorrect details on a property roll. If this happened to you and you got a nasty surprise on your property rates bill in July, you need to follow a formal request process. To find out more read this article.

This is called a Section 78 process. The forms can be found below. 
In case the links change due to the forms being updated or any other administrative task, you can also find the forms listed here

Once a Section 78 query is submitted, the owner will receive notification of the outcome. Any changes made to a property during this process will also be reflected on the next supplementary roll, providing the property owner with an opportunity to formally object if they disagree with the query outcome.

Forms need to be submitted electronically at OR physically at Valuations Administration Department, 66 Jorissen Street, Jorissen Place, 1st Floor East Wing.

You can read the City’s media statement on this for more information.

Get in touch with specialists to assist you with this process such as Rates Watch, professional valuers or attorneys. 

Attention all property owners in Johannesburg! Are you tired of seeing your municipal rates and service charges increase every year while the quality of service from the City of Joburg continues to decline? Well, it's time to take action!
The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) has posted its General Valuation Roll (GVR) for 2023, and initial samples indicate that the new valuations are significantly higher than the real value. In some cases, they could be a few hundred percent higher than what's currently reflected on your monthly Rates and Taxes account from the City. This means that your municipal rates and service charges could increase significantly, making it less and less affordable for many residents across South Africa.
But here's the urgent part: you only have until the 5th of May 2023 to object to the new valuations if you believe they're too high. The CoJ's GVR for 2023 is open for comment right now, and you can check your property's valuation online at This is the ONLY opportunity you have to influence the City's valuations, so it's crucial that you take action now!


  1. Find your property on the valuation roll and check its new valuation by clicking here.

  2. Compare the new value with the current value on your latest City of Joburg invoice.

  3. If the new value has significantly increased, you can object to it to potentially get a reduced value.

  4. If you think the new value is fair, you don't need to do anything. If the value is significantly high and you would like to object, continue with the steps. 

  5. If you would like OUTA to direct you to obtain a property value indication report for your property click here. (Please note this is only an indication report and should you wish to object we recommend you get in touch with a professional property valuer to assist you.)

  6. To lodge a formal objection with the City of Johannesburg click here.
    A guide to lodging an objection is here

Below are the selected Customer Services Centres for people who wish to physically present themselves to inspect or object to the GVR2023


Don’t forget

The City of Joburg will be processing the municipal budget soon, ready to be implemented on 1 July 2023. This will include increases to all charges.
The rates applied to your property value (currently at R 0.008619 divided by 12), determines your property rates amount charge. This amount is also expected to increase by 4.5%.  


The intention of this page is to guide citizens and empower them regarding their rights to participate in government affairs.

It is recommended that participants make use of an accredited property valuator when lodging an objection to substantiate a legitimate and accurate objection. These professionals should also be able to assist throughout the process of the objection. Please note that OUTA will not be liable for any financial loss due to the information provided for an unsuccessful objection. 



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