Minister Mbalula leaves driving licence system in chaos

March 2023 — 1856 views

Corruption, chaos, fake licences, officials and opportunists ripping off the public: this is Gauteng’s driving licence system

September 2022 — 2753 views

Extend driver's licence period and scrap e-tolls, Minister Mbalula

September 2022 — 1874 views

Minister faces reality and grants motorists a 15-day reprieve

April 2022 — 1799 views

Don't start a war with motorists over driver's licences, OUTA warns

March 2022 — 2753 views

A 10-year driver’s licence solution makes sense

March 2022 — 2825 views

The driving licence deadline may require further extension

March 2022 — 2435 views

Recall the driving licence fees notice and start again

September 2021 — 2470 views

OUTA rejects government plan to extort fees for booking a driving licence renewal slot

September 2021 — 4849 views

Don’t force motorists to defy the law

August 2021 — 3348 views

A much-needed break for motorists

December 2020 — 3589 views

OUTA calls on government to extend driver's licence renewals from 5 to 10 years

September 2020 — 5077 views


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